In 1971, the Gay Students Association¬†(GSA) was first established. The name of this group was changed¬†in 1974 to the Gay People’s Association (GPA), and then changed again to the Gay Men and Lesbian Association (GMLA) and finally to the Gay Bisexual and Lesbian Association (GBLA).


Then, in May of 1991, the ASUW Board of Control passed Bill #144 which granted commission status to the GBLA. The final name of the commission was changed in September of 1997 to the Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender Commission (GBLTC). In December of 2011, after much discussion, the name of the commission was changed to the Queer Student Commission (QSC) to better reflect the goals, values, and inclusivity of our mission. Throughout the years, the commission has promoted activism, community, and equity for queer and trans students at the UW.