The QSC is one of eight diversity commissions under the Associated Students of the University of Washington.

We are a student-run, student-led, umbrella organization for gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans*, intersex, and queer students on campus.  The ASUW Queer Student Commission’s mission is to…

  • Support, educate, and cultivate an accountable, inclusive environment for queer / GLBTI UW students
  • Provide non-heteronormative, anti-racist, non-ableist, all-ages, sex-positive, and non-sexist programming, services, and atmospheres
  • Work to increase acceptance of queer students
  • Promote solidarity within the queer community, celebrating our intersecting identities

We accomplish this by organizing, funding, sponsoring, and endorsing programs and projects that share these principles.


  • Create and adapt programming that fosters a positive and anti-oppressive atmosphere so that it is appealing, relevant, and successful in drawing membership from all portions of the queer community.
  • Event examples include: Annual ASUW Drag Show, QSC Ball, Queer Talent Show, Queer Sex Ed, Lavender Graduation.

Advocacy and Education

  • Act as a representative and advocate on behalf of issues and concerns of the queer community, and advocate against homophobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression on campus and in the community.
  • To create learning spaces for students to explore topics related to queerness, anti-oppression, power & privilege, and social justice.
  • Examples include: social media, workshops, speakers, discussion groups, and awareness events.

Community Building

  • Serve as liaison to queer organizations on campus in the community.
  • Inform students of services available on campus (including ASUW services) and maintain strong communication with all queer constituencies.
  • Encourage embracing differences and recognizing the value of diversity and intersecting identities.