The QSC is one of eight diversity commissions under the Associated Students of the University of Washington. We are a student-run, student-led, umbrella organization for gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans*, intersex queer, and ally students on campus.

The ASUW Queer Student Commission’s current mission is to…

  • Support, educate, and cultivate an accountable, inclusive environment for queer / GLBTI UW students
  • Provide non-heteronormative, anti-racist, non-ableist, all-ages, sex-positive and non-sexist programming, services, and atmospheres
  • Work to increase acceptance of queer students
  • Promote solidarity within the queer community, celebrating our intersecting identities

We accomplish this by funding, sponsoring, and endorsing programs and projects that share these principles.

In 1971 the first GBLT group was established, the Gay Students Association (GSA). The name of this group was changed in 1974 to the Gay People’s Association (GPA), and then changed again to the Gay Men and Lesbian Association (GMLA), and finally to the Gay Bisexual and Lesbian Association (GBLA). Then in May of 1991 the ASUW Board of Control passed bill #144 which granted commission status for the Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Commission. The final name of the commission was changed in September of 1997 to the Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender Commission. In December 2011, after much discussion, the name of the commission was changed to the Queer Student Commission to be more inclusive as well as better reflect the goals and values of the commission. Along with folks from the Q Center and the Residence Hall Student Association, the commission secured gender inclusive housing as a housing option for students in March 2012.

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Questions? Please email asuwqsc@u.washington.edu!